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Convalescent Home Helps

Welcome to the Grace Chapel homepage.....

Grace Chapel is not a place, it is people. Believers are gathering for worship, prayer, fellowship and service. An ongoing convalescent home ministry is an opportunity for those who wish to serve.

Who we are: A collection of believers committed to each other and passing through various stages of their walk with the Lord. All are leaders and servants in various senses, and there is no HPICC (head person in complete charge).  Grace Chapel is licensed under and affiliated with the Full Gospel Evangelistic Association.    

We embrace the Full Gospel Evangelistic Association Statement of Faith. We are interdenominational – Christians of all persuasions participate. We keep in mind that the earliest Christian assemblies embraced many competing theological viewpoints, submitting to the overall command to love one another.

A small group meets in our home Sunday mornings before driving to the Convalescent home. Depending on who is available, we convene around 9:45, and go together to the home. Often, when schedules permit, we gather earlier, between 8:30AM and 9:30AM, for worship, prayer, and fellowship. (If you desire to join us on Sunday, please call to verify the time.)

On an ad-hoc basis, we meet during the week on various evenings for teaching and fellowship. The goal of all who come here is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. We have been blessed, because everyone present does bring something to the meeting, in the form of a word, a scripture or song (See I Cor. 14:26). Praise reports, prayer requests, scripture readings and discussions are usual. Participation in the service is encouraged, and discourse is free flowing – no one person monopolizes the discussion – everyone has an opportunity to share.

Significant features of our gatherings are (1) we seek God’s face; (2) love is our aim; and (3) the Holy Spirit is in charge. Many times we start with an idea in mind, but the service then takes an entirely different course, as God leads. There is no clergy/laity distinction, as was typical in the early churches circa AD 50. We have no pulpit, no robes and no dress code. We currently accompany our worship with guitars, but if another instrumentalist wishes to play, or if the occasion indicates that a cappella is warranted, we are flexible.

Convalescent Home Ministry
Grace Chapel maintains a robust convalescent home ministry. Some of us have personally been providing Christian services at local convalescent homes for the past 25 years.

Currently, Grace Chapel provides two convalescent home services. For the morning service, the current time slot is 10:45AM to 11:20AM in South Pasadena. This service typically has 35-50 attendees. The afternoon service is 3PM to 4PM in northern Pasadena. Beiing in the afternoon, the attendance is lower but enthusiastic.

In keeping with the goal of equipping the saints for the work of the ministry, there is abundant opportunity for all kinds of service, from holding a patient’s hand or turning pages in a hymnbook, to preaching and leading worship. Our worship is a mixture of traditional hymns and contemporary worship songs, chosen as the Spirit leads. The typical sermon time is 10 minutes. We serve Communion as often as is convenient. Following the prescribed service time (dictated by nursing home staff), the chances to serve continue with opportunities to fellowship and pray with the patients as well as hand out giant print Bibles.

Our long-range vision is to create more convalescent home ministries, using 3-person teams of leaders with a zeal for ministry. We would work alongside with and coach teams, in anticipation of them adopting a nursing home as their own and fully taking over. Since nursing homes abound, there are limitless opportunities to serve!

World Wide Missions Cameroon: We are loosely affiliated with  World Wide Missions Cameroon. Missionary opportunities in this English (and French) speaking African country are available for those who are interested. Grace Chapel sponsors the web page for this organization as well as certain missionary activities. In addition, Grace Chapel's Statement of Grace was received from Rev. Michael Jarrett of that organization.

Other hospitality: We open our home for secular gatherings (e.g. sports events, debates, etc.), welcoming believers and non-believers to share and benefit each other.

Finance: We can accept donations, but we do not demand or solicit offerings to support this ministry. We encourage everyone to give to Christian ministries as God so directs them. 
Blessings to you, and thanks for reading.

--- Tom & Ginnie Reynolds.